Tests and Results


How and when to obtain test results from the surgery

All test results and hospital correspondences are read and actioned daily by the doctors, then entered in the patient record. Test results vary in time taken to arrive back from the laboratory.

Please use the information below as a general guide to how many days to leave before phoning for the result/s:

  • Blood Tests: 3 full working days after test taken
  • MSSU, Stool, HVS, Chlamydia, Hep A, B, C Ferritin or AFP: 7 full working days after test taken
  • Biopsies, Fungal Cultures: 2 to 3 weeks
  • H Pylori or Rubella: 10 full working days after tests taken
  • Cervical Smears: 6 weeks after test taken

Please make sure you have the details of the test you had taken available to hand when you phone for the results. Very often patients have more than one test taken and it is important that they receive the correct number of results back.

Please ring after 2:00pm for test results when the phones are less busy.

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