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Covid Vaccination Posted on 13 Jan 2021

We are still getting dozens of calls a day asking about the Covid Vaccinations.
If you have missed your appointment for the vaccination, you will be re-called in due course.
If you are worried your elderly relative won't understand or hear the call, they will be written to in due course.
If you are not over 80, it's not your turn, you will be invited when it is.
If you are housebound, or have a relative that is housebound, you will be contacted in due course.
If you are shielding and not normally housebound, you will be expected to go and get your vaccination when you are invited.
In the Bognor Regis area the 8 practices involved in delivering the vaccination have over 7000 patients over 80 to vaccinate, we have no control over when we get the vaccine and how much we get so please be patient and please help us by not adding to our work load by calling your practices. We are still operating normal GP services at the same time as delivering the vaccination, with no extra staff. Thank you.